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Event Photos

Raphaël Sigal and Catherine Clark, Futures of French: Remembering and Forgetting

French Literature in the Making: Catherine Millet in conversation with Olivier Barrot

French Literature in the Making: Catherine Millet in conversation with Olivier Barrot

Ali Benmakhlouf, Hominisation et humanisation: la question du corps humain

DSC03101.JPG Zahia Rahmani and Vincent Crapanzano, A discussion of France, Story of a Childhood

boltanski.jpeg Christophe Boltanski, En marge de la guerre (France, Afrique, Moyen-Orient)

DSC03135.jpg Renaud De Putter, Guy Bordin, and John Ashbery, Vies de Charlotte Dufrène. A l’ombre de Raymond Roussel et Michel Leiris

DSC03141.JPG Susan Herman, Nicolas Fischer, and Sylvie Thénault, A Permanent State of Emergency? Views from France and the US

lescot-desgranges.png David Lescot and Marie Desgranges, Ceux qui restent performance

DSC03157.JPG Gerome Truc and Sarah Gensburger, Paris in Shock. Traces and Memory of the 2015 Terrorist Attacks

10.20.16.png Downing Bray, Jessica Tanner, and Sara Miglietti, Futures of French: Perspectives on Literature and the Environment

ribes1.jpg French Literature in the Making: Jean-Michel Ribes in conversation with Olivier Barrot

rudolph.jpeg Nicole C. Rudolph, At Home in Postwar France

coleman.jpeg Charly Coleman, Helena Rosenblatt, Lucien Nouis, and John Shovlin, An Anti-Individualist History of the French Enlightenment. Not pictured: Stéphane Gerson

noville.rec.png Florence Noiville in conversation with Norman Manea, Love and its Pathologies

1.png Guggenheim & Fontainebleau Concert

3b.png Dalit Warshaw, Guggenheim & Fontainebleau Concert

DSC03246.JPG Herman Westerink, Ulrike Kistner, and Philippe Van Haute, Sexuality in Translation

DSC03289.JPG Alexander Miller, Stella Sanford, Emily Apter, Ann Pellegrini, and Ben Kafka, Sexuality in Translation

DSC03353.JPG French Literature in the Making: Élisabeth Roudinesco in conversation with Olivier Barrot

gaunt.jpg Simon Gaunt, Romancing the Truth: Vernacular History and the Origin of Fiction

martin.jpeg Laurent Martin, Le Canard Enchainé a 100 ans! Retour sur un siècle de presse entre censure et liberté

unnamed3.jpeg Kaija Saariaho and Susan Boynton, L’Amour de loin and the troubadours